torstai 28. elokuuta 2014

South coast

IMG_1858IMG_1895 IMG_1919 IMG_1884 IMG_1797 IMG_1614 IMG_1592 IMG_1528 IMG_1571 IMG_1503 IMG_1493 IMG_1462 IMG_1432 IMG_1428 IMG_1987 IMG_1968 IMG_1655IMG_1960 IMG_1922 So just for fun I might write this blog text in english, because I'm trying really hard to actually learn new stuff in english so it would be easier for me to interact with people. This is not going to be perfect but im just practising :D

So we had an exchangestudent weekend in Tuross head in the South coast. It was really beautiful place, as you may seen in the pictures, and I absolutely loved the beach and the ocean. We had great fun with other exchangestudents and I made heaps of new friends and I can't wait for the next meeting yayay. We swam in the ocean, it was a bit chilly, but hey I'm from Finland I could manage that easily. We had some more training and orientation to the year here and we met all the outbound students so the students who are going to other countries from Australia. I met Ally who is coming to Finland and that was pretty cool <3 I also go to hold a wombat baby which was kinda awesome!

This week my life here has been pretty "normal" school stuff and seeing some friends, and just going through normal day routins. I like it, im starting actually feel like home in Australia. How cool is that!
Now im off to Rotary meeting, seeya later <3

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  1. Ihana tuo vompatinpoikanen! Ja kuulostaa tosi hauskalta muutenkin toi teiän viikonloppu :)

  2. Miten alunperin tutustuit sun poikaystävään ja missä? :)

  3. Looks and souds so good! We have to skype soon because I have really much stuff to tell :) I've only been in London for a day, but I lovelovelove it! Much hugs and kisses, love you and miss u have fun! <3 and enjoy! :)


  4. Ihana postaus Lilja ja toi raitapaita jossa on kukkia omg kuinka nätti! ♥_♥ skypetellään pian! ♥

  5. Love these views <3 Actually I have also thought writing in Engish but I'm not sure yet but later I will :D And we have after one week exhangestudent weeken, can't wait!!

  6. Aivan uskomattomia kuvia! Nauti täysillä elämäs parhaasta vuodesta!! :D