maanantai 8. syyskuuta 2014

Spring is here

IMG_2006 IMG_2014 IMG_2002 IMG_2026 IMG_1998 This is what I am going to say in my little speech on Wednesday in Rotart meeting:

'I have been pretty busy lately and but I actually ejnoy it alot. Few weeks ago on Thursday Wendy, Rowan and me went to Batlow's Rotary meeting to listen to young four way contest speakers. There was only one girl speaking, because the two others weren't able to come but the one speech that we listened was really really good. It was interesting to visit other Rotary meeting and the speech gave me better understanding of the Rotary's four way test.

Last Thursday I went to Sydney to school excursion with modern history class. We went to Juwish museum, which was really sad but interesting at the same time. We listened some presentations which were interesting and we also got to hear holocoust survivours story, which was really touching.
In the night we went to Darling harbour to have dinner and we also did some shopping, which was pretty nice.

On Friday I went to Yass to celebrate my friend's, who is going to exchange to Finland, 16th birthday. I was staying the weekend on my other exchangestudent friend's place in Yass.

On Saturday we went to Canberra and we did laser tagging and more shopping and we spent the night playing board games with my friends host family. On Sunday I came back home with Hansie. Thanks for her to driving me, I really aprrucciate it.

We spend nice father's day with my host family and host grandparents. I also send message to my dad in Finland to wish him good Australian fathersday :)

So I had a pretty hectic weekend. But it was really nice, I enjoy action.

Now I am on holiday's because I am not doing the exams and after the exams we have the two weeks holiday. I am going to Yass again this weekend but I don't know am I going to do anything else in the holidays. I hope I get to go somewhere, but I don't know yet.

 Last thing I want to say today is even if my life is starting to feel pretty normal here, I absolutely love Australia and I am still always as surprised when I see these cockatoo birds flying around. I hope you all enjoy living in Australia, cause it is a pretty beautiful country.'

I hope that cleared a bit what I have been up to. Now since Im soon gonna be on holidays and I will have alot of free time, I will film a video and probably make more blogposts. Usually Im really keen for holiday's but now I actually a bit scared, do I have anything to do. Well I just haveto call all my friends trough and see if someone wants to do something with me :D

Now im off to try basketball, I'm scared how it is going to be cause I have no idea how to play it but will see how it goes...

Kisses from Australia xx

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  1. *Jewish ja *appreciate mut nää olikin varmaan vaa kirjoitusvirheitä:)

  2. Tuolla oli muutamia kirjotusvirheitä, mutta ihan ymmärrettävää tekstiä :) En aluks tajunnut että tää on sun blogis, vaan aattelin että tää on joku muu niistä blogeista joita luen säännöllisesti, joten otsikko "Spring is here" yllätti, kunnes tajusin asian oikean laida :D

  3. hei voisiks kirjottaa näit suomeks? :)

  4. vaikka kirjotatki enkuks etkö vois ees parilla lauseella kirjottaa myös suomeks? :) oon niin huono englannissa että en ees vaivaudu lukemaan tota tekstiä :D

    1. Juuu ehdottomasti!:D seuraava tulee suomeks

  5. Hei voisitsä kirjottaa ihan suomekski?

  6. Huippuku kirjotat enkuks nii saa vähä haastetta tähän lukemiseen! :D

  7. Looks so beautiful!! <3 And you are doing very good with your English!